Aeration, Over-Seeding & Turf Restoration

Be Green Lawn Care in Delafield

Aeration & Over-Seeding


All living things need food, water and air to survive.  Core Aeration will help your turf roots to receive all three more readily by decreasing compaction and loosening soil so the turf roots can more readily receive vital necessities.  Heavy clay base soils are common in Wisconsin. Soil also becomes compacted by heavy foot or equipment traffic, people and pets playing in the yard, dry hot summers, wet snowy winters and vehicles driving or parking. Aeration service can be performed in spring or fall, usually only once per year.

Lawn Seeding/Over-Seeding:

Growing turf is what we do!  We have extensive knowledge on types of seed, and when, where, why, how and what to use where.  We can provide products for “do-it-yourselfers” or provide full service.  The best time to seed is generally shortly after the last frost in spring (around Mother’s Day) or 30 days prior to the first frost in fall (late September – late November).  Over-Seeding is a simple and cost effective way to grow more desirable turf varieties in your lawn, repair areas of damage and avoid having a “patch work quilt” appearance on your lawn.