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October and November:

Mulching your leaves
Raking leaves is hard work! Forget about raking, blowing, and bagging! No need for leaf bags that end up in landfills or the trucks that pick them up. No need for smoky burning and ash rising into the atmosphere. Save time, benefit the environment and get nutrient rich soil with these simple steps:

You already mulch your grass clippings when you mow, so now do the same with your leaves, when grass & leaves are dry. You can mulch about 18 inches of leaf clutter to about the size of a dime with a few passes of your mower. That is better than hours of back braking raking! When you’re finished, you will want to see about a half inch of grass rising above your mulched layer. The Winterizer Application we apply will help speed the mulching process. Leaves give great matter for healthy microbes to get to work and break them down further.

Come spring, you won’t even remember the leaves were there! Remember, leaves are Gods natural way of protecting and feeding the earth. Let them do the job they were born to do once they fall. Your rake won’t mind collecting a little dust this year and your grass will be all the “greener”.


Schedule your Fall Core Aeration with Be Green if you didn’t have one in spring. Ask if you need an Over-seed.Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes! Enjoy and share.


• Excess garden produce? Share with a local food pantry!
• Raspberries will be coming into final season. Don’t miss out on these berry bests!
• Outdoor lighting? It’s a great time to wash fixtures and replace bulbs where needed.
• Pick, dry and store herbs.
• Did you grow basil? Enjoy it fresh in pasta or pesto sauces!
• Harvest your final tomatoes and peppers.
• Sunflowers will be opening into full bloom. Watch for their beautiful display. Cut a few for your indoor vase.
• Clean your garage to make room for winter storage of garden items and plants.
• Birds will be hungry now. Keep feeders full.
• Visit a local farmers market to enjoy the bounty of the season and your community.
• Are your cars ready for winter? Schedule your winter tune up.
• Some varieties of apples will start to ripen now. Enjoy the first bounty!
• Make sure your rakes and leaf blowers are in good working condition. Service if needed.
• Call for fall furnace and air conditioning check and service. Replace furnace filters.
• Begonias will want to come inside this month. Store bulbs.
• Deer will be getting more hungry. Inspect, repair or put up fencing to protect plants and trees deer can’t resist. Be Green has Earth Friendly deer inhibitor available.
• Pull out and compost spent garden plants.


• Final harvest of garden produce. Can, freeze and store. Share excess with a local food pantry.
• Enjoy a fall leaf fashion show of color. The trees will be changing color and dropping leaves. Wash the windows and enjoy the view.
• Listen for frost advisories and cover plants you want to save a little longer.
• On dry days, mow over leaves on the lawn to mulch each week. Begin to collect and compost the ones you cannot mow.
• Have a boat? Time to store it.
• Cut back perennials.
• Dig out bulbs such as Dahlias for winter storage.
• Plant bulbs for spring, especially daffodil and tulips.
• Have a fire place? Time to clean the chimney.
• Cool weather is the time to manage Buckthorn, a fast growing invasive species. Call Be Green for help. Did you know the berries are actually poisonous for birds?
• Order Ice Melt from Be Green. We will bring it with your final service.
• Harvest apples if you have trees, or visit an orchard for a fun fall treat!
• Did you grow pumpkins? Time to harvest or visit a local, sustainable farm to purchase!
• Move any outdoor plants you wish to survive into home, garage or green house space.
• Check windows for leaks or cracks. Put on storm window if needed. Insulate drafty areas.
• Put up your festive fall decorations. Don’t forget to carve your pumpkins and roast the seeds – Yum!
• Prepare a compost site. Let your old site rest; stir if needed.
• Sprinkler system and hose bibs need to be closed before it freezes.
• Have a swimming pool? Time to close for the season.
• Outdoor fish ponds and birdbaths need heaters installed to keep water thawed.
• Last chance for any outdoor painting.


• Fall Winterizer Fertilization Service is the final application of the season between late October and early December depending on weather conditions. Be Green will see you soon!
• Baby it’s cold outside! Keep your trees happier and healthier by pruning in cool weather. Schedule and appointment for assessment.
• Compost remaining annual plants.
•  Schedule an appointment to have your lawn mower tuned and serviced during off season. Be sure to sharpen the blades and reset the deck at the highest setting for spring.
•  Clean and sharpen your garden tools.
• Put away outdoor furniture, toys, planters and items that won’t stand the winter. Items left on the lawn will prevent healthy regrowth in spring.
• Have you ordered your Ice Melter for sidewalks, drive ways, walkways, patios, porches and even rain gutters? Now is the time; Old Man Winter is on his way! Call Be Green for local delivery today.
• Plug in your heated rain gutters if you have them.
•  Clean and service outdoor grills.