Lawn, Garden & Tree Pest Management

Be Green Lawn Care in DelafieldWisconsin weather can bring a variety of unwanted and invasive pests throughout the year.

Some of our targeted Pest Control:

Grubs – Grubs are the infant stage of beetles.  There are infinite types of beetles, but only a few that concern our lawns and trees.  There is effective grub control available.  When needed, we use a natural product that invites them to journey above ground prior to maturity so they do not survive into adulthood.  Earth Friendly service is available.  Treatment time depends on weather conditions, but usually late May to early June.

Ticks – These tiny creatures are technically a part of the arachnid family. They feed on the blood of humans and pets. Ticks can be dangerous because they could be carrying life-threatening and debilitating diseases such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Ticks do not harm turf.

Japanese Beatles – We can effectively work to stop them in the grub stage (see above) in your yard.  However, this will not stop them from coming over to visit from your neighbor’s.  Our recent research indicates that they may actually send out “scouts” to find desirable habitats.  Once they find good places, they invite all their friends to join them.  The traps that are available may actually be inviting them to come, even though they do work well to contain them.  In large quantities, these beetles can work quickly to defoliate trees and plants.  Most often they do not kill the plant and it will rejuvenate during dormancy, however, the loss of foliage puts stress on the plant which will weaken it and make it vulnerable.  We have several different sustainable treatments available.  Contact us early to deter them from your yard or for least plant damage if they have already arrived.

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Emerald Ash Bore


Larger animals that could be harmful to turf:

Moles – Small tunnel-digging mammals that leave unsightly trails on the lawn’s surface and disrupt the grass root system.


We have earth friendly inhibitors for all pest conditions or other stronger treatments when and where needed.

Our Integrated pest management combines monitoring, control products, cultural care and correct plant selection to control pests.

We recommend targeting bugs and pests before they threaten your yard!  It is often more earth friendly to treat conditions before they become extreme.