Seasonal Tips

Mulching your leaves

Raking leaves is hard work! Forget about raking, blowing, and bagging! No need for leaf bags that end up in landfills or the trucks that pick them up. No need for smoky burning and ash rising into the atmosphere. Save time, benefit the environment and get nutrient rich soil with these simple steps:
You already mulch your grass clippings when you mow, so now do the same with your leaves, when grass & leaves are dry. You can mulch about 18 inches of leaf clutter to about the size of a dime with a few passes of your mower. That is better than hours of back braking raking! When you’re finished, you will want to see about a half inch of grass rising above your mulched layer. The Winterizer Application we apply will help speed the mulching process. Leaves give great matter for healthy microbes to get to work and break them down further.

Come spring, you won’t even remember the leaves were there! Remember, leaves are Gods natural way of protecting and feeding the earth. Let them do the job they were born to do once they fall. Your rake won’t mind collecting a little dust this year and your grass will be all the “greener”.

Ice Melters and Your Pet

Living in Wisconsin means you are no stranger to harsh winters, and neither are your pets. When the snow begins to fly, plows, shovels, snow blowers and sidewalk salts become the familiar friends that keep our lives moving. Old man winter blows a mean north wind in our state, but we have learned well how to keep our regular routines despite cold and icy challenges. Furry family members, sometimes seen wearing fluffy doggie sweaters, also rely on their necessary daily routines, including outdoor activity. Whether or not snowfalls make you and your four-legged friend romp with delight like pups, overexposure to common salt-based ice melt products can have some “not so fun” effects on your pet.

Chloride-based (salt-based) ice melters are used extensively around homes during the winter to remove ice and snow from areas where foot traffic is likely, such as on sidewalks, driveways, patios and porch steps. Given the number of homes where pets are present, the potential exists for these valuable members of the family to be exposed to these products, even if the pet is wearing this season’s fashion forward doggie booties. Here are some tips to help pet owners better understand the potential effects of accidental overexposure to these products, and what alternatives are available.

Available this year, with free personal delivery,
Be Green now offers two varieties of Ice Melter
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  • Tender Foot – Earth Friendly * Safer for Pets and People * Gentler on Surfaces * Completely Salt and Chloride FREE * Melts to Zero Degrees: $18.50 for a 20 pound bag.
  • Professional Ice Melter in two sizes (melts to 16 degrees below zero):

$8.00 for a 20 pound bag.
$12.00 for a 50 pound bag.